About Us

Founder of Harvey Hottel in Washington DC

Our Grandfather, Harvey Hottel, was certainly ahead of his time. World War II was drawing to a close in 1945, and food rationing in America was about to end. Harvey was sent to Washington, D.C. to design and install government food storage plants, and Comfort Cooling was created. Although this new technology was not yet available to the public, intuition told him that someday Comfort Cooling would be in demand on a much larger scale. History confirmed that our grandfather was onto something!

Popularity of Comfort Cooling, or air conditioning, did in fact, grow and become standard in movie theatres, stores, and restaurants. It also became more widespread in homes and offices. As our business grew to keep up with the demand, we added a service repair division, as well as plumbing and contracting installation services.

For over seventy years, our business has continued to expand and stay in the forefront of emerging technologies. We have embraced new technologies including VRF Systems, Geothermal Heating and Cooling, and LEED Certified Green Building Systems. LEED Green Building certification recognizes innovative buildings that are energy efficient and promote sustainability

Currently, we have the capability to design, install, and service complex commercial systems, and we also have the capability to install individual, cost-efficient units in our customers’ homes. We proudly employ highly-trained licensed technicians to install state-of-the-art equipmHottel Brothers in the DC Metropolitan Areaent to fit every need.

Technology has allowed us to become one of the largest commercial, multi-discipline HVAC companies in our region. However, our values, like those of our grandfather’s, have remained unchanged. Our philosophy and commitment include innovation, integrity, accountability, safety, and health. We are committed to providing products and services that exceed the level of quality expected by our customers. We also pride ourselves in maintaining a Drug Free Workplace.

Our grandfather worked hard to create Comfort Cooling, and his vision to make it available to everyone became a reality. We consider it an honor and responsibility to continue his legacy and deliver the same service and values to our customers.


Thank you,

Mark, Jeff, and Scot Hottel


What Sets Us Apart

  • Quality Service since 1945
  • Emergency Services Available
  • Offering Energy Efficient Options
  • Delivering Services Beyond Customer Expectations