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In 1945 as World War II was drawing to a close, my father Harvey W. Hottel had the foresight to realize that much of the rationing that Americans had endured to help the war effort was about to end. He was sent to Washington, D.C. by the Carrier Corporation to design and install food storage plants. Known as “Comfort Cooling”, the technology was not available for civilian use at the time. His intuition told him that consumers would eagerly accept this technology once they were given the opportunity to utilize it in their theatres, restaurants and offices. History has confirmed that my father was onto something.

When the company was founded in 1945, Harvey W. Hottel, Inc. began by designing and installing commercial heating and air conditioning systems for the government along with industrial facilities. As the popularity of air conditioning and the business grew, the company added a service repair division to maintain the air conditioning equipment that was being placed into operation. Today we offer a full array of mechanical and plumbing contracting and installation services to a variety of commercial customers in the Mid-Atlantic Region. We have the capability to design, install and service large, complex engineered commercial systems and we offer reliable, cost effective installation and service of small individual units to our customers. Our employees are highly trained licensed technicians that use state of the art tools and equipment, and we are proud to be a “Drug Free Workplace”.

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For over six decades now our business has continued to expand as well as stay at the forefront of new and emerging technologies. We have embraced newer as well as emerging technologies such VRF Systems, geothermal heating and cooling systems along with LEED Certified Green Building Systems and are at the forefront of design and the installation of these systems in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Over the last 65 years, the technologies may have changed and our company may have grown to be one of the largest commercial multi-discipline service, design and installation companies in the Mid-Atlantic but our values have remained the same as they were in 1945. Those values are honesty, hard work, quality workmanship, efficient and responsible service. The Hottel legacy my father started in the region continues today with our loyal employees, me and my sons Jeff, Mark, and Scot. We are proud to continue providing our customers the same values and we are proud to continue to build on the legacy he started with a vision back in 1945.

Richard Hottel
Chief Executive Officer

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  • Quality Service since 1945
  • Emergency Services Available
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