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At Harvey W Hottel Inc., we take pride in our ability to design integrated and highly efficient heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. We work with various commercial businesses, state, local, and federal agencies, and builders and developers seeking quality engineering. Our HVAC engineers are committed to delivering outstanding work promptly and professionally.

Understanding HVAC System Design

The quality of an HVAC design determines the functional ability of the system. An HVAC system must be custom sized to your space. A precise distribution system is needed to maintain a stable, cool, conditioned air temperature throughout the building. The design is also linked to efficiency, as a low-grade HVAC will result in more power utilization and higher energy costs.

When to Hire a Mechanical Engineer

There are three instances where the knowledge and skill of a highly trained mechanical engineer are required for your commercial property. These include:

  • Prior to breaking ground on a new location
  • During the construction of your commercial building
  • When your building requires renovations or repairs

Prior to Breaking Ground

Mechanical systems can influence the design of your structure. Our leading mechanical engineers work to incorporate your HVAC system into your building’s plans. By working with a mechanical engineer prior to breaking ground, you solidify a design that accommodates heating, air conditioning, and ventilation, reducing the hassle that may arise if you try to include an HVAC system once building plans have been finalized.

During Construction

Construction plans are subject to change. When a construction plan is altered mid-project, the design of your HVAC system may need to be re-evaluated. Working with a reliable mechanical engineer eases the process of rearranging construction plans without surpassing your budget or violating coding requirements.

Renovation or Repair

One day, your building’s HVAC system will need to be renovated or replaced. When everyday wear and tear takes a toll on your unit, our specialists are here to replace, repair, or renovate your HVAC system to restore the functionality of your machine and keep your building at a comfortable temperature.

Designing Commercial HVAC Systems

Our mechanical engineers design HVAC systems to solve the air needs in your establishment. These designs begin as comprehensive drawings that map out the required components of your system, considering your concerns and wants during the process. Our plans encompass equipment sizing requirements, duct work installation, ventilation, design protocols, and code compliance to ensure your new HVAC system fits seamlessly into your operations.

Installing Commercial HVAC Systems

Once we’ve perfected the design of your commercial HVAC system, we will bring the design to life with expert manufacturing, guaranteeing a high-performance unit. Our HVAC specialists will then carefully install your system, ensuring optimal efficiency. From concept to completion, our professionals take pride in our ability to provide unmatched workmanship.

Comprehensive Commercial Services

For more than 70 years, Harvey W Hottel has been helping commercial business owners in the D.C. Metropolitan area optimize their building’s mechanical and plumbing functions. Our expert HVAC, temperature control, air conditioning, and plumbing services ensure your building’s critical features are maintained to optimize the atmosphere of your space.

Trust Us With Your Commercial Space

Harvey W Hottel has earned the trust of commercial business owners in the D.C. Metropolitan area through superior craft, diligent work, and honest customer service. Find out why we are the area’s premier HVAC design and installation professionals by contacting our friendly team about your commercial building today!

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