Hottel Company Picnic

For the first time, in a couple years (due to COVID), we were able to host our annual Hottel Company Picnic to celebrate our 77th anniversary! It was a day filled with tons of fun, games, food, and award winners.  Hottel would like to thank the staff members and volunteers who worked hard to plan and organize this event:

  • Jeff Hottel, President
  • Dan Batt, Safety Director
  • Diane Colville, Human Resources
  • Roberta Nelson, Accounts Payable
  • Ashley Jones, Commercial Service Division
  • Mike Hollidge, Account Manager
  • Cindy Vivar, Receptionist
  • Kevin Drittler, Commercial Service Division
  • Stacy Argyros, Comptroller
  • Ryan Miller, Warehouse

Harvey Awards

We had tons of winners throughout the entire day, but we would like to first highlight those employees who won Harvey Awards for demonstrating outstanding performance, teamwork, and who continuously go above and beyond.

Joel Knight, VP of Commercial HVAC Service and Projects, presented a Harvey Award to Cathy Turner, Commercial HAVC Service Division. He also awarded Alberto Monterrosa, Commercial HVAC Projects, with a Harvey Award!

Leo Pineda, Plumbing Division, was proud to present Fabresio Meza, Plumbing Division, with a Harvey Award!


The three games that we chose this year were a big hit! The first being Hole in One Golf for a day off work. Although many people took their shot at making a hole on one and missed, there was one winner! Congratulations to Mike Hollidge, Account Manager, for winning a day off work.

By popular demand, we decided to bring back Dizzy Bat Relay Race! Teams of four (4) would line up as one at one end to run down the lane, spin three (3) times around the bat, then run back to tag in the next team member. There were many close races, but Chad Wells and Josh Lindauere with his two daughters were the Dizzy Bat Relay Race Champions!

The last game was Divisional Tug-O-War! Each division formed team of five (5) to see who will become the champs. The Commercial HVAC Service Projects were declared the Champions!


Along with the games, we had a couple contests that were open to everyone to enter and win.  The first being a Dessert Bake-Off Contest that was won by Alison, who is the daughter of Carlos Hernandez, Plumbing Division!

Then there was the Photo Booth Contest that had four (4) winners! Congrats to the employees below who dressed up as Harvey Hottel and his brother Clearance Hottel:

  • Joe Ko, Mechanic
  • Mario Soria, Mechanical Division
  • Jose Figueroa, Mechanical Division
  • Rick VanBruggen, Mechanical Division

AND lastly, we had great raffle prizes this year both for the kids and adults! Congratulations to those lucky winners and we hope that you will be able to attend next year to participate in more games and prizes.