Sandy Spring Museum

One of Harvey Hottel’s top priorities is to make sure that we are doing the best we can for our customers. Part of that is tracking that we and the units installed are beneficial to your initiatives.  Air Advice allows us to just do that. Harvey W. Hottel, Inc uses high-tech sensors to track the air flow, ventilation, humidity, and carbon monoxide within our clients buildings.

We preformed a walk through of the Sandy Spring Museum using diagnostic monitoring equipment and visual inspection to identify the opportunities for improving the energy and comfort performance of the building. Our key findings highlight what we discovered in the process:

Key Findings:

1. Relative humidity in the archive room is being maintained in the acceptable range (between 30-55% relative humidity).

2. The installation of the dehumidifier is providing the ability to remove excess humidity, which the system was not capable of in the past.

Opportunities for Improvement:

1. Consider additional thermostat in archive room to provide less temperature spread across the room.

2. Continue to monitor humidity and temperature levels during the warmest months. A final Sensor Data Assessment will be provided (at no additional cost) during this period to insure system control is maintained.

Our team worked closely with Sandy Spring Museum to identify the problem areas, so we could develop solutions. They building is now running more efficiently with reduced humidity levels.

Sandy Spring Museum