HVAC and Temperature Control Service for Commercial Facilities in the Washington DC Area

We offer 24-hour access to a team of experienced and qualified professionals to service all of your commercial properties in the Washington Baltimore Metro area.

Harvey W. Hottel Inc. provides the following Service Contract benefits:

We provide Heating, Air Conditioning, Energy Services and Control System Service Contracts to meet your specific preventive maintenance needs.

  • Single source responsibility for all your HVAC and Temperature Control service, repair and replacement needs
  • Reduce energy operating costs by 5% – 20%
  • Extend useful life of equipment by an average of 20%
  • Reduce equipment repair costs and associated labor costs by up to 25%
  • Improve indoor air quality and temperature control
  • Improve employee/tenant productivity and reduce sick time and turnover rates
  • Guaranteed priority emergency service

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HVAC and Temperature Control Equipment Replacement and Installation

  • Improve energy efficiency by replacing old, inefficient equipment with high efficiency systems
  • Install Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) on existing motors to reduce energy costs
  • Install Temperature Control and Monitoring Systems that can be accessed via the World Wide Web
  • Install computer room, data center and telephone equipment air conditioning systems
  • Install new Variable Air Volume (VAV) equipment and heating or cooling systems to comfort condition tenant build outs, conference rooms and office modifications.

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What Sets Us Apart

  • Quality Service since 1945
  • Emergency Services Available
  • Offering Energy Efficient Options
  • Delivering Services Beyond Customer Expectations