Commercial Plumbing Services in the Washington DC metro

Your commercial plumbing system works as hard as you do every day—that’s why it needs the benefit of prompt professional care when you experience a leak, backup, or other issue. Not only does healthy commercial plumbing save you money on your water costs, it also protects your property from damage and reduces the risk of a serious plumbing issue that could bring your business to a halt. There are numerous plumbing companies to choose from, but Harvey W. Hottel is the expert in commercial plumbing services throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC; we can help you with plumbing installations, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades so you can get more from every drop of water your business uses each day.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Commercial Plumbing System?

Plumbing technology has undergone some amazing advancements in recent years. If your commercial property is operating with an older plumbing system, you could be paying more than necessary on your monthly utilities and promoting the wrong image to your clients, partners, and employees.

  • Plumbing is a visible and vital component of your commercial property. Old, outdated fixtures can make a building appear poorly-maintained, even if other updates have been made. Upgrading the plumbing fixtures in kitchens and restrooms can instantly make a space look more modern and deliver greater convenience every day.
  • Newer plumbing fixtures and appliances are designed to perform the same functions using less water. Changing out older fixtures for new ones can save you gallons of water with each toilet flush or twist of the hot water tap.
  • Commercial plumbing upgrades aren’t just limited to your visible fixtures and appliances—upgrading or improving your pipes and drainage systems as well will boost the overall performance of your plumbing system as a whole. Wider pipes that are free of buildup and corrosion will drain better and run less risk of developing clogs or leaks that cause property damage and affect water pressure.

Understanding Your Commercial Plumbing System’s Needs

Your plumber at Harvey W. Hottel has the experience necessary to help you design, maintain, repair, or replace your commercial plumbing system in MD, VA, or Washington, DC.

Call (703) 839-8900 in Virginia or (240) 912-8900 in Maryland to learn more about what our commercial plumbers can do for you.

  • Commercial plumbing systems are more complex and function with greater capacities than residential plumbing systems; these systems often serve multi-story buildings and require larger pipes, drains, and appliances than residential homes.
  • A commercial plumbing system must also meet stringent health and safety standards that may not apply to residential buildings; they often incorporate features such as grease traps and backflow prevention devices to protect both water supply and drainage systems.

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