The Academy of the Holy Cross, Kensington, MD

The Academy of the Holy Cross needed a solution to renovate a lower level of the school that addressed the already low ceilings. After consulting with them we decided a VRF system could be installed in an exposed ceiling and painted black. This produced a modern look and feel for the renovated space. Our design included a system that addressed both the space heating and cooling requirements as well as increased ventilation air, which is a critical design element for a healthy learning environment.


Our Mechanical Division has been working closely with Holy Cross on a complete renovation of the HVAC System in the lower section of the school. Hottel is getting the area ready for a VRF system to be installed. When asked, Ed Dayhoff, Director of Facilities, said that he originally reached out through the website contact us page and was called within 24 hours.

“The biggest reason why I chose Hottel was their response time. They called and followed up with me within a day or so. Ken and Dave are the ones I have been working with throughout this project. I wish all companies were that easy to have come out.”  Our guys are working hard to stay on track with getting this system installed by the time school is back in session!