Reduce What You Spend on Energy Bills

In 2019, customers turned to Hottel to install geothermal heating and cooling. However, due to setbacks and space constraints it was agreed that the next best solution would be installed, which was the Daikin Life VRV Heat Pump System. After calculating the homes heat loss/gain, Hottel determined that the existing 6-tons of equipment could be replaced with a single 5-ton Daikin Life VRV unit when paired with a gas furnace for backup heating. It’s a great alternative to Geothermal.

“We are very pleased with the system. It is super quiet and very efficient. In the summer, the system is powered entirely by our solar panel array and we don’t receive an electric bill. I have been impressed with the heating performance of the heat pump, even in sub-freezing temperatures. We have the gas furnace option for the coldest days, but the heat pump seems to cover more of the heating needs. Our gas bills in the winter are quite modest and electric bills are very reasonable.

We initially considered a geothermal system. After weighing the high initial costs and uncertainty of results for well-drilling, along with the regulatory challenges in DC, you offered the Daikin Life VRV Heat Pump System as an alternative with nearly the same efficiency as geothermal. I am pleased by our choice and with the quick and easy installation process.

I appreciated your advice about insulation. My wife, Judith and I added blown fiberglass in our attic to R-60. We are in the process of replacing some old drafty windows as part of our effort to get as close as possible to net zero.” – David Gilmore


VRV Heat Pump System Installation in DC Metropolitan Area Daikin Life VRV Unit in DC Metropolitan Area VRV Heat Pump Installation in DC Metropolitan Area