Hottel Client Raves About Customer Service

Hottel has always strived for excellent customer service, which is accomplished through learning from our employees and clients. For the past 15 years years, our Senior Sales Associate, Mike Hollidge, has built a strong client relationship with the Chief Engineer of Rubenstein Properties, Ozzie Acosta. Ozzie, along with his coworker, Jimmy Martinez, reached out to Hottel for mechanical maintenance and replacement of cooling towers at a building they manage in Rockville, MD.  Starting the submittal process two years ago, Hottel has worked closely with Rubenstein Properties on contract changes and adjustments before kicking off this project. When interviewed, Jimmy emphasized how well our entire team (sales, mechanical, techs, and administrative) works together and communicates throughout the project process.

He stated, “Everyone at Hottel has been very prompt and really knows what they are doing. We are almost at the point where we just hand over our key and let them go take care of whatever needs to be done.”

It’s great to hear that our clients think that Hottel and its employees are trustworthy and are going above and beyond for customer satisfaction. We look forward to all future projects!

Replacement of Cooling Towers

Installing Cooling Towers