Increased ventilation is one of the recommended strategies during these times.

Have you benchmarked your facility’s ventilation rates?

Recommended Strategies to Consider: 

Filter Changes

Evaporator Cleaning

Increased Ventilation

Humidity Control

Portable Air Purifiers

ASHRAE is recommending that facilities investigate increased ventilation rates where possible, disabling demand control ventilation, or even something as simple as extending exhaust fan schedules.

Harvey W. Hottel, Inc. can be instrumental in performing the given recommendations to correct any inefficiencies starting with:

1. Perform a building walkthrough with a technician and client advisor in order to identify low-cost/no-cost opportunities to increase ventilation. The fact is various systems handle ventilation differently, for example:

a) Variable Air Volume (VAV) Systems – These type of systems most often has a demand control ventilation sequence, which should be temporarily disabled.

b) Rooftop Units (RTU)- often has their enthalpy controls disabled or your outdoor air dampers are set at minimum. Again, this is not something that is recommended during current times. We can often increase the system’s ventilation rate with a simple damper adjustment.

2. Performing a Certified Air Balance Report to benchmark your existing conditions. After we benchmark your existing conditions, we will develop a thorough plan of action to increase ventilation rates and occupant safety.

Throughout these current times, increased ventilation is imperative. It is recommended by both the CDC and ASHRAE.

Feel free to reach out to Harvey W. Hottel, Inc. for any further information regarding your building’s ventilation rate. We can provide you with solutions to help meet recommendations by ASHRAE and CDC.