Open Cell Foam Insulation

Give your family or business an affordable way to keep your building comfortable with our open cell foam insulation in Maryland,, DC and Virginia. Hottel Energy Solutions provides open cell foam for a variety of different customers based on their needs.

Rest assured in the quality of our work you receive when you trust our team. We are fully committed to your satisfaction as well as providing the best insulation service available. Every member of our company is proud to give clients options when selecting the right insulation for their specific needs.

One of these options is open cell foam installation. A material used for both modest homes all the way up to high-end commercial buildings, this insulation might be the solution to your energy-saving needs, air quality, and noise reduction. Simply give us a call to find out, or keep reading. We are happy to educate you about the many benefits of choosing open cell spray foam insulation.

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Open Cell Foam

There are varieties of benefits to open cell foam insulation. It is far less expensive than many other kinds of foam insulation, but still can achieve greater value if there is enough space in the area we are insulating. In addition, open cell foam requires less resources and materials, lending to its eco-friendliness as well as its affordability. Open cell foam is a permanent, smart, and a value adding choice for insulating your project.

Open cell foam is a water blown, high expansion product that grows up to 100 times its liquid form. This allows the foam to insulate and seal hard to reach areas that would not be possible with conventional insulation.

Insulation such as fiberglass and cellulose do not hold up to moisture and being soaked. Open cell foam on the other hand can. Even though it may absorb water due to a leak in the structure, once it is dry there is no change to the foam. It will not sag, fall, or shrink from water exposure. The most common concern when water is found inside a home is mold. Mold grows on and in fiberglass insulation and there is no way to remediate the problem without removing and disposing of the contaminated area. It requires professional treatment and can be very costly. Spray foam insulation does not support the growth of mold even when it is exposed to water. The leak will need to be repaired but your investment will be protected when using foam insulation.

When you live or work in a smaller or older building, shifting foundations and the soil underneath can cause problems with the insulation. Open cell foam accommodates seasonal shifting, meaning the investment you make in your structure lasts for years to come instead of degrading and compromising your homes thermal performance. Open cell foam also works as an excellent sound dampening agent, creating a more comfortable home or productive workspace.

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