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Foam insulation benefits in Baltimore & Washington metropolitan area

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Learn more about how foam insulation benefits your home or business in DC Metro Area. At our company, we focus on thoroughly integrating insulation in a way that maximizes its potential as well as the effectiveness of your HVAC system. This way, you can save more on your monthly energy bills.

With decades of experience, the professionals at Hottel Energy Solutions are happy to explain how different foam insulation is from traditional fiberglass. Our energy efficient insulation provides a variety of features that older methods simply cannot compete with, including increased longevity and sound attenuation. Our focus is to provide you with the best options available to increase your comfort, home efficiency, and above all else to stay within your budget.

Contact us to schedule a consultation. We will take the time to learn about your structure’s specific needs and layout to determine whether closed cell foam or open cell foam is the right choice.

Choose the most energy efficient insulation available

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Take advantage of our professional foam insulation installation services and receive the many benefits of this revolutionary material. We easily apply foam insulation by spraying it in wet form to the area that needs insulation. While wet, it can easily fill tiny crevices, creating a better seal and preventing your cool or warm air from escaping.

Fiberglass, on the other hand, must be laid down in sheets and cannot be manipulated much to fit small places. That is why it is prone to air leakage. It also cannot provide an effective vapor or sound barrier, let alone stand up to extreme cold, unlike foam insulation.

A large percentage of a buildings heat loss is due to air infiltration. These drafts rob you of the conditioned air that your HVAC system has generated, costing you money by running more often. Spray foam insulation can reduce the amount of air infiltration by 50%. That is a huge savings.

Our energy efficient insulation is a step above the rest. Air Barrier + Moisture Protection + Seamless Installation = Energy Savings and Comfort.

Foam insulation protects your home or business

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Protect your building with our energy efficient insulation. One of the many benefits of foam insulation is that it improves the structural integrity of the homes and businesses in which it is applied. The racking strength of roofs and walls increase by 75-200% with closed cell foam.

In addition, foam insulation is permanent when protected from UV rays.

Fiberglass has many factors working against it. For starters, this picture says it all. Give it a few years in a crawl space and it will get wet, moldy, and start to sag and fall to the floor giving you ZERO insulation. Another factor is that fiberglass insulation is a great home for rodents and insects. Given that they want to stay warm too, mice will use your insulation to make nests and multiply in your home. Spray foam does not provide an easy home for these creatures because they cannot make a nest in it.

Foam can also treated with flame retardant spray, meaning you do not have to worry about your home or business going up in smoke. It has been proven that with spray foam insulation encapsulating an attic that fires do not have the added oxygen needed to sustain a fire and spread into your living space. This gives you time to exit your home or business and can save the structure from devastating damage.

Contact us to learn more about our spray foam insulation. We are proud to serve Maryland in Montgomery County, Frederick County, Carroll County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Howard County, Prince Georges County, and Washington County. We also serve all areas of Washington DC, and the following areas of Virginia; Fairfax, Loudon, Frederick, Prince William, Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, Manassas, and surrounding cities.

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