Spray Foam Insulation

Benefits of spray foam – Open cell or Closed cell foam

Reduce your current energy usage by up to 45%!


With more than 70 years of experience, we know the ins and outs of the industry and are more than happy to explain the insulation options available to you as well as which might be best for your needs and budget

Sound attenuation

spray foam provides excellent resistance to the transmission of noise between rooms, sound attenuation is a key element of insulation to take into consideration. This type of insulation can control noise and enhance acoustics. Open cell, like its name suggests is made up of millions of sound absorbing air pockets or “open cells’

Recycled materials

Over 2000 plastic water bottles are recycled to add to the raw materials used in each set of spray foam.

Indoor Air quality (IAQ)

If you or any member of your family suffer from allergies caused by air pollution then spray foam is definitely right for you

Manufactured on site

Custom fit for any wall or roof design

Superior adhesion

Spray foam will adhere to just about any clean substrate whether you want it to or not. So make sure you hire a professional

Extend the life of your building

Spray foam is plastic and it will last as long as the building is standing and likely will add years of use to most structures

Down size your HVAC requirements

Homes insulated properly with spray foam typically require 30% less tonnage to keep your home comfortable

Reduce uneven temperatures between floors

keep all of the rooms in your home at the same comfortable temperature

Excellent Pest barrier

Both open and closed cell foams discourage rodents but they get extremely frustrated with closed cell foam.

It is safe

When applied by a professional and once spray foam is cured, there is no odor. It does not contain CFCs, HCFCs, VOCs or other greenhouse gasses. This means you can enjoy your newly improved comfort without harming the environment. In fact, your heating and cooling costs will likely drop by 20%-50%. Spray foam is a permanent solution.

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