Heating Installation

Regardless of how well you care for your heating system, it will eventually require replacement. At Harvey W. Hottel, we are committed to matching each customer with their ideal heating system for the performance and long-term energy savings you want. Our experienced home comfort technicians can perform any type of heating installation in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC, to make the transition to a newer, better heating solution a fast and easy one.

Choosing Your New Heating System

The need to replace your current heating system is a great opportunity to explore the ways in which you can improve your home’s indoor environment. Selecting a heating system that is exactly matched to your needs will ensure you get the maximum return on your home comfort investment.

  • Sizing plays an important part in the overall efficiency and performance of your new heating system. Your heating service will perform a thorough assessment of your home and your heating needs to help you choose an appliance with the right capacity.
  • Heating systems may use several fuel sources to create heat, including electricity, natural gas, propane, wood or biofuel, and solar power. Your ideal heating system should use a fuel source that is readily available, cost-effective, and convenient to keep the costs of heating your home low.
  • Every heating appliance is rated by efficiency; while more efficient systems typically cost more to purchase, they will also reduce your energy costs for long-term savings. The smartest home heating strategy is to purchase the appliance with the highest efficiency rating your budget can afford for the best energy savings available based on the money you’ve spent.

Professional Heating Installation: A Smart Investment

After you’ve spent the time and money choosing and purchasing a new home heating system, why jeopardize it with a sub-par installation? Professional heating installation is the very best way to get the maximum performance, efficiency, and longevity from your new heating system, whether you’re simply upgrading your furnace to a newer model of the same type or switching to an entirely new form of heat for your home. Not only will professional heating installation allow you to enjoy the comfortable home climate you deserve without any stress or effort on your part, it will also ensure you get the greatest savings from your purchase by maximizing heating efficiency and the functional lifetime of your new heating system.

If you’d like more information about professional heating installation in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC, please call Harvey W. Hottel at (240) 912-8900 in Maryland and (703) 839-8900 in Virginia for personalized advice, information, and financing options.

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